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Welcome to pressurepots.co.uk

Welcome to our paint pressure tanks website, here we concentrate on pumping and spraying paint and similar coatings using either pressure pots or double diaphragm pumps.

Pressure Pots - Containers for paint (or similar) ranging in size from 2 litre to 40 litre and made from either steel or stainless steel depending on required service pressure and the type of product being sprayed ie water or solvent based. When positive air pressure is introduced the paint is displaced from the pressure tank in a controlled manner.

Double Diaphragm Pumps - Double diaphragm pumps have the ability to pump paint (or similar) in a smooth refined manner taking the product directly from it's own container or via a hopper feed. Two diaphragms work in unison to provide paint (or similar) under pressure which is determined by the air pressure driving the pump. A high capacity paint filter and a paint pressure regulator ensure high quality and consistent flow rates. Various construction materials and mounting options depending on product usage and service environment.

Spray Guns, Hose and Regulators - We carry large stocks of the associated items needed to complete your spray package. We are authorised distributors for major brands such as Anest Iwata and Wagner and are able to offer packages tailored to individual requirements in short time scales.

Help And Advice - You can get help with any paint application requirements you have by either using the contact us page on this website or by visiting one of our other popular websites shown on the left under useful links. All of the items shown in this website can be purchased safely on-line or all by telephone.

paint pressure tanks

  • 10Ltr Pressure Tank - Basic Spray Package

    10Ltr Basic pressure package Includes both 5m air & fluid hoses Includes Pressure fed spray gun
    Ideal for industrial applications IE lubrication fluids and paints Ideal for farm equipment and other small items of plant equipment We have a pressure feed tanks to suit all requirements, sizes from 2 litre to 50 litre, some with a choice of either manual or pneumatic agitation, and the option (on 10 & 20 litre models) of a bottom feed to suit heavy coatings. These are ideal for a production environment or where ever a large surface area needs coating to a high standard quick time. All of our pressure feed tanks are supplied ready to use complete with pressure gauge, air regulator, safety valve and air & material valves, top feed models are also supplied with a material strainer, we can also supply complete with both air and fluid lines ranging from 5m to 20m and a choice of pressure fed spray guns. Max working pressure 80psi/5.5Bar Fluid hose and spray gun colour may vary Important points regarding pressure tanks. The maximum working pressure is governed by a mechanical safety valve, recommended good working practice is to use at a maximum working pressure 10psi less than technical maximum. Constant air supply - No pressure tank is 100% air tight so whilst in use it must be connected to an air supply so the unavoidable slight loss is automatically balanced.